Weather Event Coverage

Weather Event Insurance

Our Weather Insurance application provides financial protection for insureds whose event may experience inclement weather. These types of policies take into account the selected level of precipitation accumulation, time/length of coverage and other potential adverse weather conditions. The amount insured does not have to be justified with a budget or expense report—and if the selected amount of precipitation falls, the insured would receive a total payout, even if the event were still able to go on.

Examples of Weather Events which can be covered using this application:

Please note that due to the time sensitive nature of weather quotations, coverage must be bound/paid no later than TWELVE DAYS prior to the start of the event.

Please note that “Hours of Coverage” varies from “Hours of Event.” We recommend that you select 1 to 2 hours before the start of the event and end coverage 1 to 2 hours after your maximum hour of revenue in order to provide adequate precipitation coverage.

Please refer to the Rain Gauge Form and Weather Command Form—this information will give you access to better ways to measure precipitation at your event.